Professional website critiques to encourage more customer conversions


Brand Copy Critique Packages

We all fall somewhere on the spectrum between having it all together from top to bottom or making most of it up as we go. Choose from one of these packages and I'll handle the rest. 


The KarmenCopy™ Routine Maintenance Package

I'm all about the DIY approach when it comes to starting your website. You've done your best to finalize your site's copy, making sure each page has all of the detail your visitors will ever need to know. Does your site need a once-over from a fresh pair of eyes, though? This package includes: 

  • proofread of your entire website
  • updated copy for up to three pages of content on your site (up to 3,000 words)
  • suggestions for site-wide content updates

The KarmenCopy™ Start-Up Package

This package is best for the client who needs a writer in their corner in order to hit the ground running. It includes:

  • business bio
  • home page copy
  • service descriptions/product offerings copy 
  • contact form copy
  • up to three additional pages of content (up to 3,000 words)