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Terms + Conditions

a.k.a The Nitty Gritty

Terms + Conditions


Invoices, Expedited Services, Extensions+ Cancellation

How does this work?

I'll send a proposal before starting any work so you'll know exactly what you'll be paying upfront. Your invoice must be paid before I begin working on your services.  Fees for each purchased service or package include:

  • A maximum of 2 drafts of the project outlined in the initial proposal

  • Any minor amendments to your project prior to your publication of the completed work (ex. I made a typo, or you want to switch one word in favor of another)

  • Advice and consultation by email as needed

Any additional work requested that isn’t covered in the initial proposal will be quoted separately and added to your original invoice.


What if I need my copy sooner than originally communicated?

Expedited projects are subject to a fee of 33% of the full fee rate of the job proposal. If I've already started working and you determine that it's YOUR COPY AND YOU WANT IT NOW, a fee of 33% will be added to the cost of the remaining portion of work left for me to complete.


Who Owns the Copyright?

All original material remains the property of Karmen Johnson, Copywriter until Final Payment has been received and all services have been completed. This means that until the check clears and I've crossed the last 't,' you're prohibited from publishing, reproducing, altering or redistributing any material produced. Once all is well, you become the owner of the copyright. I DO retain the right to use any portion of the material for self-promotional interests, such as portfolio use. Please note that if you are need to cancel a service for any reason prior to completion, you forfeit copyright ownership of the content. 


I paid my invoice late, but I'd still like the same service completion date from my original proposal. Is this possible? 

No. Your timeline begins upon payment of the invoice, which means that service completion timelines will shift accordingly if you do not pay within 24 hours of receipt. 


What if I need more time? I thought I was ready to get started, but I actually need to regroup on my end.

At the start of each service, a timeline will be discussed and agreed upon between both parties. If there is any change that should hinder your ability as the client to adhere to a 48-hour response time in order to move services forwarded within the stated timeline, it is your responsibility to communicate these updates to KarmenCopy as soon as possible.

If there is availability within the schedule for extension, an additional charge starting at $1,000 will apply.


Indemnification, Cancellations, + Realistic Expectations


By using my services, you agree to indemnify me against claims for damages resulting from the use of my written material or from unsought permissions to use my material.

As a client, you accept accept full responsibility for reviewing the authenticity and accuracy of the content you've hired me to produce, including research materials and citations supplied. You indemnify me of any compensation for loss or damages as a result of oversight during your review process.


Typos + omissions

I make every effort to ensure that my work is thoroughly reviewed and free of content, grammatical and usage errors. However, I'm a living, breathing human. Typos CAN happen.  I cannot guarantee that every draft and project will be free from grammatical, typographical, factual, human error. 



You work for me...right?

Not quite.

The relationship between myself and clients is classified as ‘independent contractor’, meaning that I'm not considered to be your employee, agent, assistant or coffee girl. I won't give you the impression that I am, either. After all, it's what I love most about being a freelancer! My time will be solely focused on the contracted project at hand, including any consultation time warranted for the sake of project completion.


Cancellation policy

All purchased services over $1,000 require a non-refundable deposit of 50% in order for me to begin working. All services totaling less than this amount will need to be paid in full prior to the start of work.

In the event that you need to cancel after authorizing me to begin your copy or proofreading services, you forfeit this deposit. For services totaling less than$1,000, you forfeit 50% of the service cost.

If I need to cancel a project for any reason, you can rest assured that you'll receive your full deposit back. I'm only interested in finessing words, not people.