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No More Consultations!!!

At the start of KarmenCopy, I was a copywriter who would write anything short of that school essay you or your child procrastinated on. Business peeps talk a lot about having a niche, and for the first year I didn’t have one. I didn’t think it really applied to me. I write stuff. Simple enough, huh?


Trying to fit into every mold left me feeling tired, because I never knew what would be needed of me going in. It also confused anyone who wanted to reach out to me for assistance. If it’s not clear what EXACTLY I can write/ coach you on, how do you even know what to ask me?

I thought the solution would be consultations, but here’s the thing:

PEOPLE NEED THE OPTION TO PURCHASE FROM YOU WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEAK WITH YOU (depending on the product/service you’re offering).


I found that many of the services outside of my signature offerings didn’t actually warrant phone conversations other than to introduce myself and go over any questions the new client might have. I know that I don’t like to feel like my time is being wasted, so I started to mull over ways to give clients their own time back.

Late one night, I started thinking about Fingerhut. You remember those catalogues that would come to your mama or auntie’s house back in the day? What if I could have something like that on my site to create more of a one-stop shop vibe that someone might be able to flip through on a lunch break?

Over the last year of business, I paid careful attention to the kinds of services people needed the most, and repositioned myself accordingly to hone in on content and brand strategy. Now, I’m a copywriter who can help you get your life. This guide is my way of showing that I value your time as my client, and that every second counts when we’re hammering out the details of your brand.

Take a look, and let me know what you think!

Have you thought about offering a service guide for your business?