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Woman vs. Women

Earlier this week on Instagram I posted about the whole Woman vs. Women mishap that I see from week to week. Sure, these two are close as well, but why don't you see the same mistake as often when dealing with "man" and "men." To start on a nice, solid foundation: 


two or more female-identifying people


a single female-identifying person


NOTE: "Women" does not require an "s" at the end since it is already the plural form of "woman." 

Currently listening to this song. 

Currently listening to this song. 

You know I'm a huge music fan, and pretty much any song you can get your ears on will have the correct usage. I was trying to think of a song that used the word obviously, and the first one I could think of was Shirley Brown's "Woman to Woman."  


My theory about why this happens? 

The "a" in "woman" makes the 'uh" sound when you're speaking it, and when we think of that particular sound it is often demonstated in words by the letters like "u" or "e," especially if you have one of those accents that draws letters out (shout out to my own country grammar-esque speaking voice). That's the English language for you though. Sometimes letters are deceiving!


Let me know how you distinguish between "woman" and "women" in the comments below!