About Me


My mother planted seeds my whole life, and I never really noticed until now. By age four I was reading on my own and correcting minor errors in sentences. If she noticed simple mistakes in the local newspaper, she'd hand me a pen and ask me to find the mistake in a paragraph she circled and tell her why it was wrong. Each summer we'd pick out our own stacks of books to read and discuss with each other. 

Years later, she sent me off to Agnes Scott College where I had big plans to major in Psychology. She'd told me my whole life that I was meant to be a creative, but this time I just KNEW she had it wrong. 

After two semesters, I switched to an English Literature and Creative Writing major. She was right about me, and she always has been. 

She's groomed me to be the bookworm you see today, and I'm not ashamed to say that I'll shout at a good book just like those folks who sit behind you in movie theaters. I went on to attend the Denver Publishing Institute because of her, and in a few short months I'll be walking across the stage to accept my master's degree from The University of Denver.

My list of credentials is amazing, for sure. However, lessons learned years ago over marked up newspapers are what I'll draw on most when working on your copy.