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Writing brands into their purpose since 1995* (well, kind of…).

Hi, I’m Karmen! My brand KarmenCopy offers boutique content and brand strategy services to clients hoping to foster more genuine connections with their own audiences. I launched officially in 2017, after a life-long obsession with words (*evidenced by this throwback Instagram pic of me circa ‘95) finally took hold. I’ve always loved editing and correcting sentences, but you can learn more about that later if you decide to stick around!

With a background spanning social media management to publishing, my job is to meet you where you are so that I can give you that extra boost you need to next level your brand opportunities.

Shoot me a message via the contact form below to get started, OR to ask me where I’ve been hiding this entire time. I’m fine with either!

Your move. ;)

This is my Chiweenie/ Editorial Assistant Kayjay!

This is my Chiweenie/ Editorial Assistant Kayjay!

message me

kc [at] karmencopy [dot] com


What’s in my wheelhouse?


I’m a never-ending stream of ideas, so why not take advantage? I can help generate ideas for your next newsletter, article, speaking engagement, blog post, etc. We can take a look at your most popular content to analyze engagement patterns and brainstorm ways to increase positive engagement with your concepts.

Social Media management

Wanna get away for a week or two, but don’t want your online engagement to suffer? Looking for options that are long-term so you can focus on others parts of your actual business? Let me run those social media posts! I can do serious or fun…just take your pick and watch me work!


Do you have an amazing concept that just isn’t connecting with your dream clients in the way that you’d hoped? Are your current systems running YOU and not your business? I’ll check it out and tell you what’s working, what isn’t, and what others are doing well online that you could also implement.

Line Editing

After you’ve written the final word of that first draft, line editing ensures that your manuscript is clear in concept flows related to story, character description, timeline, and more.


Okay, yes, I know- this isn’t a service AT ALL, but ya’ll…I’ve been told that I’m pretty funny. If this whole content and brand strategy thing doesn’t work out you might find me on a Netflix stand-up special. I think the title of it would probably be “I SAID What I SAID,” because backpedaling isn’t my strong suit.


Copyediting is your final stop, and by the end of the service all of your punctuation and usage will be corrected in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style.


We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.
— Maya Angelou


Send me a virtual pigeon.

Use the contact form below to send me a quick line or a 4-page letter, totally up to you! Please be as specific as possible by including your industry, current needs, and what you’d like to accomplish together (a.k.a. The Struggle and The Desired Outcome).

Words of encourage are also VERY much appreciated, so feel free to use the form for that as well! Those random “I see you, sis! Keep going!” messages mean the world to me.

For press inquiries, please email me at kc [at] karmencopy [dot] com.

(Fun fact: I don’t like spam. The canned kind used to be pretty good to me, though.)

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